Wednesday, December 4, 2013

December Countdown

December Countdown

We started a countdown this year for the month of December, but it doesn't just end on December 25th like most.  We continue until the end of the year, that is why I call it a DECEMBER COUNTDOWN.

I wanted to make it special, fun, and a lesson of giving unto others.  

Each morning they wake up and find an envelope with an activity card.  It might say: MOVIE NIGHT, S'MORES BY THE FIRE, HOT CHOCOLATE TASTE TEST, GO LOOK AT LIGHTS, MAKE AN ORNAMENT, FAMILY GAME NIGHT...etc...

In addition to the activity card, there will be a rhyming riddle leading the kids to a stash of cash if they can solve the clues.  The agreement with the $$ is the kids get to keep half while they donate the other half to a charity.

My daughter chose to donate to the animal shelter.  My son chose to donate to children with cancer.  I have to say that I am really proud of my son.  He has been donating more than half thus far.  He amazes me with his generosity daily.

I'll try to post each day's riddle.  To catch you up:

Day 1.  I'm full of every thing
             I'm bound, not on a ring.
            A through Z
            But the one with all contains me.

The answer was the Encyclopedias, but more importantly, the money was in the Index, which was separate (but contains it all A-Z).

Day 2.  Galloping along in frozen time,
             People bet.  Do you have a dime?
             After my rounds, I'm probably thinner,
             But behind glass I sit, forever the winner.

I realize that probably sounded weird, but I couldn't think of a better idea at the late hour I wrote it.  I was referring to the picture I took at the horse races.  I put the dollars on the back of the picture.

Day 3.  The first is known to twinkle.
              The second is synonymous with dollars.
              Caitlin begs for me.
              Zach thinks I'm yuck.
              No, it isn't tea
              So off you go; good luck!

This one was much easier.  
Zach: "Caitlin begs for me.  I think it's yuck.  That is obviously coffee."
Caitlin:  "Yeah because stars twinkle and bucks is dollars.  Starbucks coffee."
Zach raced to the coffee pot while Caitlin opened the freezer (that is where I keep my coffee).
Zach:  "It's not going to be in the coffee, Caitlin."
Caitlin:  "Oh yeah?  Well here it is!  It was in a bag."

Day 4.  The moon is in front.
              The sun is behind.
              Wear glasses to look
              Or risk going blind!
              Hint:  I'm one of a saga.  For fangs, the girls go gaga.

Zach:  Eclipse.
Caitlin:  Fangs!
Zach:  The Twilight's Eclipse, but is it the books or movies?
He raced to the books and grabbed the Eclipse book.  Then handed it to Caitlin.  
Zach:  You look in the book while I go look in the movie.
Me:  Before you go upstairs, open it since you have it.
Caitlin:  It's right here, Zach!

I'm excited to see what they think of tomorrow's clues!!!!

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