Tuesday, January 3, 2017


So as most of my friends and family know, I stink at growing plants.  I have a hard enough time keeping indoor plants alive.  Read a previous post about my failing attempts HERE 

I have gotten better since that post in 2012.  I haven't killed an indoor plant in a few years now, so I'm taking it as a sign to try something more advanced.  In fact, one of my 2017 goals is to start a small garden.  In order to achieve this easier, I have divided that goal into smaller goals such as: 
The Dollar Tree, where everything is only $1 (or less on specific items), has stocked their shelves in preparation for spring.  I purchased some Seed Starter Greenhouses, Seed Starting Potting Mix, and several packets of seeds (4 for $1).  *Not shown are the packets for tomatoes, carrots, broccoli, bell peppers, and cayenne pepper because I had already opened them to seed. 
 A couple of weeks ago I also took my celery stump and put it in water until it grew roots.  I then transplanted it to a pot.  It has shot up!  I'm impressed and excited to start having my own celery growing in my home!  I also previously planted a couple of tomato seeds in a pot to see if anything would come of it.  I'm excited to say that I now have tomato seedlings!  Below is a picture of everything I have started so far:
Pardon the condensation on the greenhouses.
Speaking of the Dollar Tree, I went ahead and bought some extra items to give as a gift.  I have a new found love of the Dollar Tree store.  There aren't many places out there where you can find items for only $1.  
Gift idea:
Large Green basket         $1                  
Seed Starter Greenhouse $1  
Seed Potting Mix             $1
Spade                             $1
Cultivator                        $1
Gardening Gloves            $1
Flower Pot                      $1
4 packs of flower seed     $1  
                           Total    $8.00 (not incl. tax)   

2017 is underway!   I'm proud of myself for planning out my goals and putting them into motion.

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