Thursday, July 12, 2012

All About Vases

pic from paulagracedesigns

Vases date back to over 5,000 years ago and are still being used today.

They can be old or new, shiny or rustic, colorful or plain...whatever their properties, they are beautiful and versatile.   

Display them with flowers or plants as usual to brighten a room.  

I really enjoy a table with fresh flowers.  Don't you?

pic from frostmeblog
Clear vases can show the beauty of petals, shells, stones, wine corks, or buttons and beads.  

Fill them with all sorts of show-and-tell decor.  

Daylily stalks

Going for something more unusual?  They can also be decorated with sticks, feathers, or daylily stalks.  
Yes, I said daylily stalks.  

Daylily stalks are something I thought of last year, and I love it.  

Once the daylily dies and the stalk dries, pull it out of the plant.  Then, you can cut it to the desired length.  

Using what ever is around the house will surely save some money and create a beautiful space at the same time.

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