Thursday, September 1, 2011

Couple's Vision Webinar

"How often do you as a couple take time to discuss what is important in life?  People are so busy with their day to day lives that they don't have time to stop and take stock..." 

Carol Ummel Lindquist, Ph.D.
Dr. Carol Lindquist has released a new edition of her book, Happily Married With Kids: It's Not a Fairy Tale.  She, as a therapist, wife, and mother, is willing to give advice and learned lessons.  In the following days, I will read her book, blog about it, and offer up her book as a giveaway.  Furthermore, however, she is willing to offer a FREE Couple's Vision Webinar for those interested.  

She is looking for 5 to 10 couples to help learn ways to make their marriage stronger after children arrive.  We love our children!  There is no doubt about that.  But, diapers need to be changed, baths need to be given, stories need to be read, etc...  At the end of the day, with children hanging on our legs and tugging on our clothes, we are too tired to focus one-on-one with our spouses.  Who wants to have sex after wiping snotty noses and cleaning all day?  We as women (most of my readers probably are) miss the days when we could go for a stroll with our husbands, go to the movies, or heck! even dinner.  But, we need to remember that we need intimacy as well.  We should celebrate our marriages, sex life, and our children.  

Dr. Carol helps couples realize that their marriage isn't over when things get a bit rocky.  She brings them closer together, aiding them in discussions and giving tips.

  • Focus your life plans
  • Face problems
  • Work well as a team 
  • Move quickly to your goals
If you are interested in getting involved in this FREE Couple's Vision webinar, please either comment below or email me directly to let me know.

“Doing our couple vision helped us improve our finances, our sex life, our parenting and gave our relationship more meaning.”

If you would like to learn more about Dr. Carol Ummel Lindquist or purchase her book (you could also wait to see if you win it in the upcoming weeks here on my blog), please visit her website  


  1. I'm very blessed to have a husband that ensures we make time for each other as much as possible. Even when things get very hectic, as they often do even with us both having flexible schedules, he reigns me back in. If he gets to carried away, I reign in him back in. However, if your marriage does struggle with this issue, this would be something worth checking into. It's not as easy as it sounds to make it happen. Sometimes, couples don't even realize it's happening to them until it's to late.

  2. We've been married 21 years and still enjoy life together. Our "secret" (sadly, people think 21 years is a long time these days) is to put one another first as much as possible. I'm not sure how we learned to do this -- it's just a part of our marriage DNA. When my husband gets home from work, I pay attention to his mood and respond appropriately -- he's a mellow dude, so if he's grumpy he had a bad day. I don't ask for help those nights. When the kids drive me crazy during the day, he comes home and gets into daddy-mode quickly and "tags in" to take over. That's just one example, but taking care of each other really matters. It's what love is all about. You, not me.