Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Silverware Chest

Ever since I purchased a silverware chest for my parents as a Christmas gift years ago, I have wanted one for myself.  I would look at them while shopping in department stores, admiring the beauty of the sparkling silver or flatware perfectly lined within, however, I passed them up time and time again.  Why?  I didn't want to spend so much just to buy something that houses my silverware. Their prices average from $100 to $200 and sometimes, even up to $300 or $400 for the more exquisite designs.  The cheapest one I found at a charity/thrift store was $800, thank you very much, but NO thank you.  Are you kidding me?!

You can bet I was thrilled to come across one at a flea market (why do they call them flea markets?) for only $8.  This one even had some silver plated flatware inside, which I later donated.   

Now I have a place to put my Mikasa.  What a bargain I had with his "unwanteds" because that silverware chest quickly became my treasure.


  1. Congrats on another great find. :)

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