Frugal Tips

Save Some Money.  Be Frugal.
With the economy the way it is, it helps to know there are ways to save money.  Take a look into my world of experiences with frugality.  I will share my trial and errors (just for laughs) but mostly the successes because I want you to succeed, too.  So, freeze your credit cards, lock away your savings, and pinch those pennies...or dimes!

Another thing to consider is transforming trash to treasure.  No, not really your TRASH, just the things you don't want...your "unwanteds".  Ever find something at a flea market, yard sale, classified ad, or even on the curbside that had potential but needed a little TLC or touch of creativity?  Perhaps it didn't need anything done to it at all...except a new home...yours!  Sometimes someone's trash is another one's treasure. 

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