Saturday, August 20, 2011


We hit the jackpot! (No, not the real jackpot--though I wish!)  Up until now I have had no luck when it comes to classified websites. I either get there too late and the item is gone, or when I call to investigate, the person busts out laughing.  Joke is on me.  By the way, what is it these days with people posting things just to joke around and get a response out of innocent treasure seekers?  

But this was different.  No joke (pun intended).   Just moments after the ad was listed for free art supplies, my husband jumped on it for me.  I home school so any free or discounted educational supplies I can use is a definite treasure find in itself.  Surprise, surprise, the classified lister called him back to say the supplies were still available, and they were local!  Whoohoo! 

Though when my husband came back home, he walked in with one big box only to turn around to go get another and another.  They sent him home with not only art supplies, but a multitude of games (18 to be exact), legos, and Barbies that were in perfect condition! All Free! 

So tell me...What have you gotten a good deal on lately?  Don't be shy.  Share your Trash to Treasure finds.  


  1. That's really amazing. I love deals like that, I will keep my eyes open for things like this including books for your kids. I'm starting a non-profit so these types of donations are what we will be looking for especially for kids. Again Congrats to you and the kids. And keep up the good work with everything you are doing.:-)

  2. Starting a non-profit organization is a noble gesture! I will keep you in mind if I come across anything you may be interested in for donation.