Saturday, August 27, 2011


I look up and down my street.  Most of my neighbors pride themselves in their door displays.  Each season (some every month) put up a different, festive wreath to adorn their door.  I sadly look at my own door and frown by my lack of circular floral accent.  I have only one wreath that I proudly display during the month of month...while during the other eleven, my door remains bare.  Oh, and I should mention the wreath I had - though I was proud to display but only for the fact that I actually had one - was depressingly metal.  Yes, metal.  Not at all full and luscious with greenery.  :(  

Call me cheap, call me frugal, call me what you want, but I just couldn't see myself parting with thirty or forty dollars per wreath.  So my door has sat bare for the past three and a half years (minus the three December months) that we have lived in this house.  Until now!

Yard sale alert!  Yard sale alert!  I traveled house to house anxiously awaiting some spectacular deal to call my name.  But after a couple of busts, I was about to call it quits for the day.  I was hot, sweaty, tired, and frustrated.  I pulled up to my last yard sale giving it one last shot before I was to head home.  I almost didn't even want to get out of the car, but I pushed forward anyway...or rather my husband pushed me.   

I strode forward, shuffling my feet like a child, towards their backyard where they had their display of unwanted items.  I took a deep sigh, slowly lifting my eyes to the vast array of cast-offs.  Just there in front was a table full of Christmas decor and a Christmas wreath!  Oh, but not just any Christmas wreath.  No, this was a full, luscious, gorgeous greenery-filled wreath!  

All sounds drowned out as I envisioned family coming for visits during December and having to knock on the door that displayed this beautiful wreath.  Smells of cookies, ham, and sweet potato casserole wafting from the kitchen as Christmas music was playing in the background.  I bounced to the door all excited to greet the guests who waited on the other side with my beautiful wreath.  
"Isn't that lovely," some woman said across the table from me; bringing my dream to a halt.  I could see her eyeing it, waiting for me to put it down so she could snatch it right up.  Sorry Missy, but I was not about to put it down.  This wreath kicked my metal wreath's butt to the curb.  

"Yes, yes it is" I said with a smile as I put it neatly under my arm.  I needed to get away from this googly-eyed lady drooling over my wreath.  I began my getaway from the table when suddenly my foot kicked a box from just underneath.  My eyes widened with glee as I spotted an entire box full of all different sorts of wreaths!  Now I was all googly-eyed, drooling at the thought, "My door is never to be bare again."   I gently turned over and lifted every wreath, taking all the colors in with delight. 

I decided upon two more.  I figured I could put one up now for autumn, use the Christmas one for winter, and the other could be used for both spring and summer.  I wasn't sure of the price since on the actual wreaths there were stickers claiming: $10, $12, and $15, but the box had $5 written on it.  Either way it didn't matter.  I was going to get them.  I figured thirty to forty dollars for  three wreaths was still a great price.  

I balanced two on my arm and I hobbled forward, balancing one on my knee as I called my husband to help me get to the seller.  The seller did all she could to stifle a laugh when she saw me.  When ready to pay, I nearly fell over with shock when I was told $9 for all the wreaths.  What?!  Really?!  You got a, I got the deal.  Now I was the one laughing.  

my autumn wreath
One of those wreaths casts its beautiful autumn appeal on my door right now.  Want to come over and see it?  Okay, never mind.  You can just look at the picture to see.  

Oh, and as for that googly-eyed lady...she found another wreath exactly the same inside that box of wreath treasures.  Lucky for us, there were two of each.  :)