Saturday, August 27, 2011

Coffee Table, End Table, Bed, Wall Decor and More...

Ka-ching!  I woke up this morning determined to find a hidden treasure among someone's trash. Not literally trash, their unwanted yard sale items.  Always remember...someone's trash may be your treasure!  Today, I found quite a bit of treasure. 

I have been looking for some wall decor for our bathroom.  Guess what...the very first house with a yard sale had two floral wall plaques.  Originally these are sold for $70 each retail.  Apparently the discounted store had marked them at $30 each.  The sticker was still on the back, so I peeked.  I paid $4 for the pair.  Seriously.  That is a savings of 97% retail / 93% discounted.  

I found this large wall hanging later for $15.

While there, I saw a pretty, cherry end table.  I was about to pay forty dollars for it when I second guessed myself and decided to leave. " I'll come back for it if I don't find anything else," I told myself.  So, I kept my forty dollars and left.

Our last yard sale before heading to the flea market was a surprise.  There was a beautiful, shabby chic twin bed.  It was perfect for my daughter's room.  I had planned on redoing her room soon anyway.  Out of curiosity I asked the lady for the price.  "Eight dollars," she replied barely visible from behind the table of clothes.  "I'm sorry.  What was that?" I asked slightly puzzled I heard her incorrectly.  She said it again this time more clearly, "eight dollars."  I wanted to squeal with delight.  Could she be crazy?!  I swirled around to find my husband's eyes.  I was planning on giving him the get it-get it now before she changes her mind look, when I saw he was already on the same path I was.  He ended up paying $10...the $8 for the bed plus $2 for delivery since we don't have a truck.  The picture to the right is my daughter's new bed minus the new paint and decoration as I will save that task for a later day.

Off to the flea market we go!  Not even 10 yards of perusing and I see this coffee table.  It was perfect for our living room.  I asked the price and was rewarded.  She said for the coffee table and end table the total was $30 for the pair.  Glancing to my left, I noticed the end table; a perfect match.  I hadn't even seen it for I was so entranced by the coffee table.  SOLD!  $30 for the pair!!!!  I'm glad I didn't spend forty for the one end table.  

It did have a few scratches, but I have my trusty brown marker.  No one will ever notice the few scratches now.  I simply colored over the scratches, waited a few seconds, and wiped it off with an old, dry washcloth.  They look brand new and like we spent hundreds of dollars.  Her trash was definitely a treasure!