Tuesday, August 23, 2011

If Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, where do children come from?

We hear it all the time; the differences between men and women can't be ignored.  They say "Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus" to portray that we are alien to one another...our brains work on different wavelengths.  

Men are more rugged in nature.  They let it all hang out as they strut themselves so proudly about, "peacocking," or showing off, when they get the chance.  They express their emotions with ferocity and aggression or through dominance of some sort.  I'm not saying all men are this way.  My own husband, though he may strut around, still has a soft side, but he also has that male dominance that I think is just naturally born into men.  If it wasn't born into them, they learn it through their peers or father.  In turn, they strive to reach for acceptance of other men by following the examples laid out.  Men want to be remembered by what they have accomplished.

Women are more sensitive in nature.  We are usually limited with what we are feeling; being cautious and reserved with our thoughts.  Yet while we may not share openly our feelings, we tend to wear them on our sleeve.  Let me explain this better...most women will not say they are upset, but you can't hide the tears that spring to the eyes.  We can talk all day long about everything else going on in our lives but hold back on personal details.  We leave the other person guessing or completely unaware.  I figure we do this because we just want to be loved.  We are afraid of sharing our innermost thoughts in fear of causing disappointment or casting our loved ones out like a plague.  Women want to be remembered by how much they loved and were loved in return.

So, this brings me to ask If Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, where do children come from?  It is a silly question when you think about it.  We should respond with the notion that they are a combination of the two.  They usually (or they should!) look like a combination of both parents, but do they act as such?  If so, when do they start becoming more Men vs. Women / Mars vs. Venus?    

Zach, my eldest is so timid.  He is more reserved than I.  If I could get a glimpse into his thoughts, I'm sure to be amazed.  He doesn't say much but his actions speak so much louder than his words.  He is always building something, working away in his room creating something new and different than before.  When he isn't putting together robots or whatnot, he is writing stories, making movies, or just lost in thought.  I always wonder what he is thinking.  Occasionally I ask, but mostly I leave him to dream his thoughts in peace.  Oh, and his room (when he isn't playing) is spotless!  I never have to ask him to clean his room.  Awesome, right?!  If he keeps it up he is going to make some woman very happy one day.  

Caitlin, my youngest is the complete opposite!  She is open with everyone and will not hesitate to tell you how she feels or what she is thinking.  She is determined to get what she wants, and with Daddy wrapped around her little finger, she usually does.  Furthermore, she is always in trouble for having a messy room.  I can barely walk in her room before stepping on something.  It takes her five minutes to destroy a room that took her an hour to clean.  But what do I find mostly on her floors?  Dress up clothes and books.  She loves to pretend she is all grown up...usually begging to wear make-up.  While that will have to wait, her other passion does not.  She loves to read.  Thank goodness!  She can be found sitting somewhere in the house with a book in hand.  She can't seem to get enough.  Most kids would rather get a new video game, but she would much rather have a new book (preferably a "girly book").  While I enjoy indulging her book wish list, the problem is getting her to put it back where it goes.  "Books go on the shelf, Caitlin"  If I had a nickle for every time I've said those words....

Anyway, I guess what I'm trying to say is my son and daughter fit the mold perfectly, each physically resembling the two of us--a perfect combination.  Right now, I'd say they are pretty much a combination in personality as well.  So, when does it change?  When should I expect my little, sweet boy to start strutting around, claiming he is from Mars?  When should I expect my princess of a daughter to start hiding her feelings from me, calling Venus her home?  Can I wish for it to not happen?  I'd rather they just stay here...down to Earth.

Wait...I hear Justin and Zach talking about hunting --or rather "hunt'n".   Oh, it is too late!  [hand flies to the forehead with dramatic flare]  I gasp as I watch my son slowly turn into a martian.

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